Аnalysis of the group processes in ECPP Russia

Dear Colleagues, I would like to offer to your attention the system analysis of the dynamics of the BIG GROUP of ECPP-RF. The informed and unconscious senses of what is taking place in our establishment.
  1. BIG GROUP is based on:
  • the idea that unites the group (the maternal structure of big group)
  • the leader (the paternal structure)
  • the experience of passing through of the crisis stages
  1. The aspects that impact on the emotional tension in the ECPP-RF:
  • The presence of logical crisis stages of development in the big group
  • Unevenness (within 12 years) of growth of members of the establishment, that has not taken into account the individual features of the National Brunch (geographical extension, mentality, leaders’ characteristics etc.)
  • Absence of sufficient resource (finance, competence, connection between the regions)
  • Absence of the official registration with the establishment of the legal entity in RF. The necessity of Independent Audit Committee to control financial expenses.
  • Absence of planning and mismanagement of financial property of the establishment, accumulation of it as a frozen asset
  • Unequal terms of voting for all regions of theorganization. The decisions are actually made by the members of one region where the General Assembly takes place.
  1. Crisis stages:
  • ECPP was founded in 2003 and has become an alternative of the existing NFP entering into the crisis of functioning, crisis in 2011, crisis in 2018.
  • The analysis of messages by professor M.M. Reshstnikov to the members of the organization during these periods allows to observe repeating processes (cyclical nature) in the big group. Every 7 years the defamation of the acting President and the Board takes place, and the need for urgent change of the government is announced, the same charges are pressed.
  • It is obvious, that the trauma was INITIALLY laid, and it is preserved, performed, but it has not been recycled for the previous 12 years. This prevents the evolution, increases the tension in the organization and causes conflicts.
  1. Reasons of the crisis:
  • The illegality of ECPP-RF in Russia is being glossed over for many long years. There is no sustained protecting inside frame (RF legislation). The matter of taxes and legal entity causes tension and turns into the group MYSTERY-CONFLICT.
  • The leaders and the group have become codependent participants unconsciously. The responsibility is blurred. Fear to lose control has actualized in the  unformal leader (Past-President M.M. Reshetnikov), the management has gained the forms of revelation and temptation. This has regularly brought harm to the group and has created some sort of resentment in the members of the organization.
  • The ECPP membership has changed quantitatively and qualitatively for the previous 12 years.
  • Managing tools have become obsolete, the legitimacy inside the organization is at the level of archaic , and the efforts to change the situation cause the resistance and open protest in the smaller part of the group. The atmosphere in the organization is heating up, and the perception of reality is being distorted. It has caused the dissociation and the split of the group.
  • The leaders, the President T. Mizinova  and the Past-President M. Reshetnikov  were compelled to decide the questions of survival, not development. The group has evacuated the tension into them. The senses of communication have been lost. The conflict between the leaders is the cause, but not the reason. In the conditions of double messages and the deficit of stability, security and predictability, fear, anger and conflict dominate in the big group. The arbitrariness has appeared in the organization (blocking of the access to the web-site, dissemination of private information in social nets, chaos and war have aroused.)
  1. Conclusion
The split was inevitable. Two spaces with different leaders, different sets of documents, ideas and values have appeared. At present each member of the ECPP-Russia has free choice and the conditions for rehabilitation of the idea of psychoanalysis and democracy. The President of NB ECPP-Russia T.V.Mizinova and the Board have arranged free groups of reflection and mediation for all members who wish. The target of work in group is to take away the tension, create the conditions for collegiality, revitalize the psychoanalytical ethic and values. With respect, Alina  Timoshkina The head of the Centre of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and the International School of Group-Based Psychoanalysis   (EGATIN, COIRAG), The head of the section of the group-based Psychoanalysis ECPP-Moscow, Vice-President ECPP-Russia, the tutor (associate professor) of Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, candidate of psychological sciences, training psychoanalytic, group-analytic and supervisor ECPP.