Приглашение к участию в англоязычном семинаре, организованным ЕАП

Dear members of EAP, As reported through several channels, the Research Conference in Vienna from February 2020 decided to start up as one project a seminar with Prof. Gunter Schiepek. Change processes in Psychotherapy are nonlinear, complex, and unpredictable. They emerge from the nonlinear interaction of the contributing factors, which are given in a client-therapist system within its specific environment. In consequence, the outcome and the trajectories of change should be assessed in each single case. The decisions on what to do and how to support the process have to be adapted to the dynamics and to the client in his eco-system. This requires a personalized and process-sensitive approach, which includes a detailed case formulation and a high-frequency assessment of the ongoing process. In this training program the Internet- and App-based technology of the Synergetic Navigation System (SNS), which is a personalized and process-sensitive method, will be learned and applied. Participants will have the possibility after this training to participate with their data in an international cross-modality research project. Please study the attachment. We will be happy to get Your registration for this special seminar, designed for EAP members and members of EAP organizations. We ask NAO’s, EWAO’s and EAPTI’S to forward this mail to their individual members. If You have any questions, please contact me directly (not the headoffice of EAP): Best greetings, Peter Schulthess peter.schulthess@europsyche.org Chair of the Science and Research Committee (SARC)

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