The declaration for Regional Devisions

  1. The development of legally embodied right to vote at GA for all members of the establishment. Thus, all members including distant regions will be able to affect the decisions of the essential questions concerning the development of the organization and take part in the President’s elections.
  2. Support of young specialists in their professional growth. 2.1      Establishing of the cross-regional Youth section  inside the ECPP . 2.2    Aspiring specialists will be able to take part in the program “Cross-regional group-base supervisions” within one year free of charge. The leaders are the ECPP supervisors   and training analytics, applying to the status of supervisor of ECPP.
  3. Cooptation in the Board of the National Brunch of ECPP the Heads of Regional Devisions with the right to vote.
  4. The development of regulating documents to help the Regional Devisions in holding the common meetings, conferences and the financial policy of RD.
  5. Arranging the prompt feedback for all members. 5.1. Setting up the portal for voting in the actual matters of the development on the site of ECPP. 5.2. Setting up the special “question and answer” block on ECPP site for getting by the members competent information from the profile committees and the Boarder . 5.3 Arranging the holding of anti-crisis round tables in the regions with the speakers from the Board of ECPP-Russia “ECPP-Russia yesterday, today, tomorrow”.
  6. The mediation in the situation of conflicts in the RD. Prevention of the emotional tension in RD, solving the personal conflicts and creation of common values, effective managing tools and corporative culture. The work in RD is performed by leading group analytics ECPP-Russia  when it is required.
  7. To continue the reputable format of the Heads of RD meetings, that is arranged by the Committee for the Development of Regions.
  8. To maintain the arrangement of cross-regional events (seminars, round tables, debate forums) online at webinars with the invitation of certified ECPP specialists. For its implementing an annual subscribe for webinar platform must be bought and used for different purposes of the establishment.
  9. Perform partial financial support to smaller regions in the arrangements of the conferences.
  10. To work out the system “Regional weekend”: with support of ECPP-Russia arrange demanded in regions short-term courses at weekends, which will be co-financed by ECPP-Russia and RD (2:1 or 1:1). The courses will be financially available as the speakers’ work will not be paid, only transfer and accommodation. The speakers, the programs and the regions will be determined by autumn and the ECPP members have the schedule of “Regional weekends” in advance.
  11. Help in the certification and the deposit of documents to the CAC. Consultations explaining the procedure of presentation and deposit of the documents. Consideration of opportunity to prepare the documents for certification on a paid basis.