The President’s program of managing and developing of the National Branch

This program of developing of the organization is the extension of the course which has been performed during the previous 3 years. The strategy of developing accords the main principles of the organization: the union of the specialists in the sphere of psychoanalytical psychotherapy in order to improve the qualification; support high professional standards in psychoanalytical psychotherapy. The priorities in the program of development are:
  • The official registration of the National Branch of ECPP in accordance with RF legislation;
  • Working out the Charter and the Codex of domestic policy together with all members of community;
  • Focus on improving the qualification of community;
  • Assistance in regional development;
  • The necessity of creation equal conditions for expressing the opinion by all representatives of all regional departments.
A lot has been already done in this direction. This program contains several blocks:
  1.  Registration block of the National Brunch ECPP – Russia (further NB ECPP Russia).
  2. State licensing of the activity of NB ECPP Russia members.
  3. Proposals  concerning the anti-crisis measures and providing the possibility for meaningful dialogue for all members
  4. Regional development block.
  5. Proposals for optimization of Membership Committee (MC), Certification and Accreditation Committee (CAC) and Ethic Committee (EC).
  6. Proposals of Science Committee (SC).
  7. Proposals for developing groupanalysis and applied psychoanalysis.
  8. Development of the Supervisory Board and Audit Board.
1 BLOCK: The registration of NB ECPP – Russia, work on the harmonization of the Charter and the Codex of domestic policy.
  1. The registration of NB ECPP – Russia  in the public authorities with the standard for non-profit establishments Charter, accepted in RF.
  2. Convening of General Assembly in Ekaterinburg at Winter School-2019 (by the decision of the Board or by the  collecting signatures according to the p. 7.2 Charter)
  3. The collecting of proposals from all members in order to perform the Domestic policy being able to satisfy the aims of the Charter and the Codex of Domestic Policy  in the most comprehensive manner. Formation of the main regulating documents of the Charter and the Codex of Domestic Policy  will be carried out with the participating of all members in accordance with the RF legislation and the ECPP Charter during the transitional period until the Winter School-2019 General Assembly.
  4. The elaboration of the matter of arranging the procedure of collecting votes at General Assemblies.   The legal legitimate opportunity to vote at General Assemblies must be performed for all members. Thus, all members including distant regional departments will possess equal opportunities to affect the decisions of the essential questions about the development the establishment and taking part in the President’s elections.
  5. The introduction of approved at the GA amendments to the Charter and the fixation of the changes in the Department of Justice.
  6. Until the GA in Ekaterinburg, ECPP follows the acting Charter and all regulating documents of ECPP.
2 BLOCK: State licensing of the activity of ND ECPP Russia members. The adoption of a law on Psychological support and the introduction of the licensing on performing the psychological activity is being planned in Russian Federation. Due to this, ECPP-Russia is taking measures to support the members of the  organization with the licensing.   NB ECPP-Russia on behalf of President T.V. Mizinova and self-regulated organization  National Association of development psychotherapeutic and psychological science and practice “The Union of psychotherapists and psychologists ” on behalf of President professor V.V. Makarov signed the agreement. This means that the standards of ECPP are accepted with the certification in the only one establishment, which is involved in licensing of psychotherapists and psychologists in Russia. 3 BLOCK. Anti-crisis measures. 1. Arranging the prompt feedback for all members. 1.1 Setting up the portal for voting in the actual matters on the site of ECPP (excluding the voting at the elections). 1.2  Setting up the special “question and answer ” block on ECPP site for getting by the members competent information from the profile committees and the Board . 2.Conducting the systematic analysis of the development the  organization and the Board’s activity with the emphasis on the previous seven years. 2.1 Arranging the holding of anti-crisis round tables in the regions with the speakers from the Boarder of ECPP-Russia “ECPP-Russia yesterday, today, tomorrow”. 2.2 The results of round tables are to be summarized as Informational Message, and based on this feedback, the Board will determine the weak points of the activity and make appropriate corrections. 3.The formation of systems of corporate interaction and business style of ECPP Russia. 3.1 The elaboration of the functional of the Board  structures – specific instructions for the Head Committees must be developed as well as the rules of holding the Common Meetings, Conferences (the functional of registration, moderation, service of certificates etc.), the organizational style of ECPP-Russia  must be recognizable. 3.2 The culture of business communication must be built deliberately: business correspondence divided into groups – informational, planned, and urgent. Saving the privacy within business correspondence has to be singled out as the way to keep the trust. 3.3. Develop the image policy of the organization for positioning the ECPP- Russia among the colleagues from other psychotherapeutic communities and for the general public. 4 BLOCK:REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT Further development and strengthening of horizontal links among Regional Devizions. To continue the reputable format of the Heads of RD meetings, that is arranged by the Regional Committee. To maintain the arrangement of cross-regional events (seminars, round tables, debate forums) online at   webinars with the invitation of certified ECPP specialists.  For its implementing an annual subscribe for webinar platform must be bought and used for different purposes of the establishment. To consider the possibility of partial financial support to smaller regions in the arrangments of the conferences. To work out the system “Regional weekend”: with support of ECPP-Russia arrange demanded in regions short-term courses at weekends, which will be co-financed by ECPP-Russia and RD (2:1 or 1:1). The courses will be financially available as the speakers’ work will not be paid, only transfer and accommodation. The speakers, the programs and the regions will be determined by autumn and the ECPP members have the schedule of “Regional weekends” in advance. 5 BLOCK: the optimization of Membership Committee (MC), Certification and Accreditation Committee (CAC) and Ethic Committee (EC).  Membership Committee:
  1.  To continue the work of the committee directed on the increase of active members, timely certification and professional growth of the members. At present there is a large gap between the number of associated members and the number of ECPP specialists. It is proposed to work in order to reduce this gap (according to the record of the meeting of the Heads  RD ECPP-Russia  №1 from 23.11.2017).
Certification and Accreditation Committee
  1. The explanation to the members the rules and the procedure of the certification to get the professional status, and the certification of the extra educational programs.
  2. Informational support of the programs passed the certification in CAC, via ECPP site.
Ethic committee:
  1. The elaboration, discussion and adoption of the new regulation of EC activity, considering the main statements of the Charter and the Codex of the domestic Policy, special features and demands of Russian ECPP , which will eliminate the mismatch in the existing documents. Following document will regulate the order of formation and the targets of EC ECPP-Russia, the procedure of making a complain, the forms and the order of taking the decisions.
  2. Regular clarification of the ethical standards to the members.
  3. Social and legal defense (including honor and dignity) of the members.
6 BLOCK.SCIENCE COMMITTEE’S PROPOSALS The priority directions of Science committee work.
  1.  The creation and the increasing of the international links with the similar international establishments and communities.
  2. The research of the world informational field of psychotherapy, detection of world tendencies in the sphere of development, regulation and organizing of psychoanalytical therapy.
  3. Estimating and analysis of mandatory and extra educational programs, preparation and edition of methodical directions either for learners or for practicing specialists. Holding the round tables, conferences and seminars.
  4. The analysis of periodic foreign press. The subscription to IPA «The International Journal of Psychoanalysis» и «Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing» magazine, translation of most interesting articles, creation of digital library.
  5. The creation of the digital version of the Magazine, where best materials of Summer and Winter Schools and the materials of some conferences held by RD will be published.
  6. The creation of video library of reports and seminars of foreign specialists.
  1. The creation and the development inside the ECPP structure the sections of group-based, children, and applied psychoanalysis.
  2. Determination and development of the group-based analysis section as perspective format of psychoanalytical psychotherapy in the frames of medicine, consulting, business, social work, education.
8 BLOCK: Development of the Supervisory board and Audit board.
  1. Development of the Supervisory board , including the respectable members, who are not the members of the Board at the moment and who do not take part in the work of Committees. The main task of the Supervisory board is the cooperation in solving possible conflicts among the members and different Committees (MC, EC, CAC). The main task of the Audit board is to control of funds and independent estimation of relevance of expanses in the organization.
  2.  The providing of the regulation of the activity of Supervisory Board and Audit Board, according to the RF legislation and aims of our establishment.